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About Us

M/s Jeelani Marine Products is a brain child of visionary Mr. S H Aboobaker. Mr. Aboobaker started his career as an employee in a seafood trading firm. His experience of more than 3 decades, business knowledge and strong connections with people couldn’t hold him back for too long. So in the year 2011 Mr. Aboobaker followed his instincts and ventured into seafood trading business. His passion and dedication for business made him explore overseas opportunities. Aspirations and shove to supply fresh fish to sea food lovers across the globe paved way for sea food exports. Today M/s Jeelani Marine Products is one of the most sought after sea food and aquaculture exporter in the country.

We provide fresh and premium quality fish, Cephalopods and Crustaceans both Sea Caught and Aquaculture. We are one of the best quality seafood exporters from India. We export to countries like USA, Japan, Thailand, China, South Africa, European Union (EU) Russia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, East Africa, Egypt, Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia and UAE. We export a wide variety of sea-caught and aquaculture products which Include Indian Mackerel, Squid, Cuttlefish, Ribbon Fish, Croaker, Sea-Caught Shrimps, Vannamei Shrimps, Black Tiger etc. We are committed to satisfy the needs of international sea food lovers through competitive prices, total quality control, consistency, on-time delivery, and premium services. We always aspire to enhance our product quality and update our export variety.

M/s Jeelani Marine Products are committed to use latest technology right from the raw material sourcing to processing, packaging and delivering superior quality products to international market.

Our Core Ideology


To be a globally renowned exporter of seafood and aquaculture products from India.


  • Speed
  • Reliability


  • To export range of fresh, hygienic, nutritious and high quality sea food products.
  • To aim to export our products to leading Businesses in the Industry across the globe by providing them value for money
  • To maintain high quality by procuring fish directly from fisherman and aquaculture farmers.

Our Team

M/s Jeelani Marine Products has a dedicated team of passionate, trustworthy and qualified talents from seafood processing industry. We practice stringent recruitment process to ensure right person for the right job.

The senior management team responsible for strategic decisions and execution comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who brings decades of experience with them. Their expertise has been a tremendous value addition to our business.

The company has a workforce of more than 450 people who contribute in all aspects of organizations business right from raw material purchase, processing, quality control, quality assurance, packing, dispatch, sales, customer service etc.

Supplier of Sea Prodcuts India


We take immense pride to state that we meet all international standards of sea food industry

Our Strengths

If you are wondering why procure fish from M/s Jeelani Marine Products? Then here’s are honest reply--We are proud of our certifications from ISO, BRC, HACCP, FSSAI, HALAL, KOSHER, BAP and USFDA. This shows that our products are standard and processes are standardized. We practice strict hygiene policies as per these national and international standards.

Due to location proximity fish are frozen in minimum time. This ensures that product quality and taste is up to the customers’ expectation. Our vast networks and bonding with fishermen and our team enable us to fulfill customers demand in given time. We have a handsome track record to delivering all domestic and exports orders on time. Continuous and consistent supply of products has lead to customers delight globally.

10 Reasons to choose Jeelani Marine for Sea-Caught & Aquaculture material.

  • Producers of high quality Sea food & Aquaculture products
  • Proximity to sea shoree
  • Vast network for sourcing all over India
  • In-house ELISA screening laboratory & Microbiology laboratory
  • Stringent QA system adhering HACCP standards
  • Direct procurement from fisherman and aquaculture farmers
  • Minimum Freezing Time
  • Minimum processing time
  • 35 dedicated insulated vehicles
  • Easy traceability due to systematic SOP